‘You Fool!’: Stephen Colbert Loses It On Mitch McConnell

On Tuesday, McConnell vowed “scorched earth” politics if the Democrats who management the chamber did away with the process, predicting that the legislative course of would grind to a halt.

“The Senate can be extra like a 100-car pileup, nothing transferring,” McConnell mentioned.

However the “Late Present” host referred to as his bluff. 

“It’s already occurring, you fool ― and the filibuster is why it’s occurring,” Colbert mentioned. “If you happen to threaten to explode my head with a shotgun and I say, ‘Let’s take away that fool’s shotgun,’ it’s not a lot of a menace to say, ’If you happen to do, I’ll shoot you within the face 5 occasions with a crossbow.” 

Colbert even broke out his McConnell impression for the event: 

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