Vintage Photo Of Elizabeth Warren In Jeans Is The Fashion Inspo We Need

Author Summer Brennan posted the candid black-and-white snap, which pictures Warren in what appears to be a button-front shirt tucked into the kind of high-waisted denim one scours vintage store racks for hours trying to find.

“I’m so sorry I know this is so irrelevant and probably counterproductive but can we discuss the bangin’ denim choices of @ewarren circa 1979?” Brennan wrote. “I want these jeans.”

Brennan’s followers were quick to praise the look and determine the brand. Some guessed Gloria Vanderbilt, others Jordache and Calvin Klein. One follower went so far as to describe the “specific mood” the outfit conveys, which is hilariously spot-on:

Women in politics, like women in general, are scrutinized for their appearance in a way their male counterparts are not. But that’s not what this is about ― this is about Warren showing us the cyclical nature of fashion, and how something that was great 40 years ago can have its day in the sun again.

While we wait for brand confirmation from the Warren campaign, here are a couple of similar high-waisted options ― debate skills and high Iowa polling numbers not included.

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