Trevor Noah Loved Melania’s Ivanka Shade, Hated The ‘Most Boring Speech’ Of Trump’s Life

“Oh my God, did you guys see that?” an excited Trevor Noah asked after playing a clip Friday of a killer look from Melania Trump right after Ivanka walked by on the last night of the Republican National Convention.

“God damn, as soon as Ivanka walked by, Melania’s smile disappeared,” Noah added on “The Daily Show.

That was a highlight of Thursday night for Noah. Then it was onto something far, far less engaging: Trump’s “longest, most boring, low-energy Jeb-Bush-ass speech of his entire life.”

If “I’m sitting in a crowd” on the White House South Lawn “risking catching coronavirus to watch a Trump speech, God damn it, I want a Trump speech,” said Noah. “I want to hear his plans for locking Hillary up while chugging hydroxychloroquine.”

But “this speech was like going to a NASCAR race and watching the cars parallel park for three hours,” Noah quipped. “Where’s the crash? Honestly, it was really weird.”

Check out Noah’s RNC slams in the video up top. You can skip over the excerpts from Trump’s speech.

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