Trevor Noah Goes Into Meltdown Mode Over RNC’s Grim Forecast For America

Trevor Noah was completely baffled on Tuesday night as he tried to make sense of the first “terrifying evening” of the Republican National Convention.

“The Daily Show” host played clips showing a number of wild accusations shared by Monday night’s speakers, including Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who erroneously claimed Democrats wanted to “abolish the suburbs altogether by ending single-family zoning”; Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who said Democrats will “disarm you, empty the prisons, lock you in your home” and invite criminal group MS-13 to live next door; and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, who falsely accused Democratic leaders of allowing “mob rule” in their cities.

“Good God, I’m terrified … And confused,” Noah said.

He then proceeded to melt down as he attempted to make sense of it all:

“If Joe Biden gets elected, MS-13 is going to move in next door. But we won’t live there anymore because we’ll be kicked out of the suburbs. And if we try to go to church, the Democrats will call the cops on us. But there won’t be any cops because they defunded the police. So we’ll have to take ourselves to prison. But they abolished the prisons so now all the criminals are out on the streets, which means they can shoot us. But they can’t shoot us because the Democrats have taken away all the guns, which means all we can do is fight with our words. But we can’t because words have been canceled.”

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