‘The Daily Show’ Trolls Trump With Fake Legal Ad In Major Newspapers

If you’re a “soon-to-be ex-president” who is about to lose “legal immunity” and your lawyer has gone to jail, boy, do we have a very specific law firm for you.

On Thursday — the same day President Donald Trump is slated to accept the GOP presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention — some Americans opened their local newspapers to find a glorious, full-page ad by “The Daily Show.”

The ad features host Trevor Noah and staff dressed up as “presidential attorneys” ready to offer the commander-in-chief their fake legal services.

“The Daily Show” ad that was printed in three major U.S. newspapers.

The parody ad for the faux legal firm of Trevor Noah & Associates & Sons — which ran in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times, per Deadline — is brimming with jokes that call out Trump for many of his alleged crimes including “corruption” and “mega-corruption.” Noah’s firm also offered to help Trump with any legal situations that may arise due to the president suggesting that Americans “inject bleach for some reason” during the coronavirus pandemic, and touted its proficiency in “shady rich guy tax stuff” — a reference to Trump’s ongoing refusal to release his tax returns.

The ad also makes cracks about emoluments, Stormy Daniels and Trump’s blatant racism toward Latinos.

Many Twitter users loved the bogus ad, and some posted photos of it on the social media platform.

And if you’re curious about the phone number featured in the ad, if you dial 1-210-WH-CRIME (1-210-942-7463) it leads you to a couple of recorded prompts. You press 1 “if you are the president of the United States” and press 2 if you’re not.

We’ll let you have fun with whatever happens next.

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