‘The Batman’ Teaser Reveals Robert Pattinson’s Very Emo-Looking Bruce Wayne

Who needs a Batmobile when you’ve got a Death Cab for Cutie?

The first footage of director Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” premiered at the DC Fandome online event Saturday, revealing actor Robert Pattinson’s transformation from “Twilight” vampire to … a bat man.

And while the internet may have a lot of feelings about it, it’s doubtful anyone has more feelings than Pattinson’s very emo-looking Bruce Wayne.

Early reactions to photos of Pattinson’s Batman online had fans drawing comparisons to Tobey Maguire’s infamous “evil” Spider-Man in “Spider-Man 3” and My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way.

In the teaser, Pattinson also says lines such as, “I’m vengeance,” which is definitely something you shouted at your parents when they told you to turn down the Dashboard Confessional.

Though this isn’t an origin story for Batman, the movie will apparently explore the early days of the villains. Ahead of the newly released footage, Reeves raved about the all-star cast, which includes Zoë Kravitz putting her spin on Catwoman/Selina Kyle, Paul Dano doing something fans haven’t seen before as The Riddler/Edward Nashton, Jeffrey Wright showcasing his version of James Gordon, Andy Serkis bringing Alfred to life and Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot becoming The Penguin.

The teaser isn’t specific, but we’re guessing the Batcave will be played by the basement of a Hot Topic store.

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