Syria: The scars left by a school bombing

Thousands of schools have been destroyed during the Syrian conflict, which began ten years ago. Iqra School in the Aleppo Countryside was bombed by a Syrian fighter jet in 2013. A BBC team was filming in a local hospital when the casualties started to arrive. Eight years on, BBC Cameraman Darren Conway has returned to speak to survivors and the relatives of those who didn’t make it.

Director/Cameraman: Darren Conway

Producers: Debbie Randle, Mughira Al-Sharif, Joe Phua and Greg Brosnan

For viewers in the UK, Panorama: Syria Schools Under Attack will be on the BBC News Channel at 2130 this Saturday and Sunday and also on iPlayer

Viewers outside the UK can see the programme on BBC World News at 0710 GMT and 2010 GMT on Saturday 20th March, and 0210 GMT and 1510 GMT on Sunday 21st March

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