Stephen Colbert Refuses To Watch RNC, Makes Heartfelt Plea For Americans To Dump Trump

Stephen Colbert made an unusual confession on Wednesday night: He didn’t watch any of that evening’s proceedings at the Republican National Convention for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. 

“Full disclosure: I didn’t want much of the convention tonight,” he said. “And fullest disclosure: I did not watch any of it.” 

“Right now in America, we’re facing a global pandemic that has killed 180,000 Americans, heavily armed Rambo wannabes are murdering people in our streets, the strongest hurricane in the history of the Gulf Coast is making landfall as I speak and the RNC’s message is: ‘Who’s up for four more years?’”

Colbert said he didn’t do his job, but he feels great about it. 

“Why should we pay attention to what they’re saying if none of what they’re saying tonight is about what’s happening in America right now?” he asked. “Why should we watch their reality show if it doesn’t reflect our reality?” 

Colbert then lit into the president’s lies, scandals and legal problems, including repeated Hatch Act violations of using government agencies and properties for his reelection effort. 

“People outside the Beltway should care about every law the president is breaking and I think they actually do,” Colbert said. “It’s just that it’s hard to keep track at this point. You’re drinking from a firehose of scandal.” 

Colbert even aired a fake ad for a product to prevent people from getting too numb to all the lies: 

Colbert tore into the RNC for highlighting people like the St. Louis gun couple, who he called “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Gun,” while Americans ― especially people of color ― were under assault by police and the “fantasy militia league.”

He ripped Kenosha, Wisconsin Police Chief Daniel Miskinis for blaming the victims of the violence in that city for being out past curfew.

“Justifying murder because it’s past curfew has a name,” Colbert said. “It’s called ’The Purge.’”

He also praised the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks for refusing to play ― a move other teams soon followed ― to protest the violence against Black Americans. Ultimately, all the NBA games were postponed. In response, Colbert shared this emotional video of L.A. Clippers coach Doc Rivers:

“That is why voting in November is so important,” Colbert said. “Because Donald Trump does not care if you live or die of COVID, or racism, as long as he wins. Until we, the people, change this administration, we’ll continue to get more leadership from the NBA than the RNC.”

See his full monologue below: 

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