‘Lock Me Up! Lock Me Up!’ Stephen Colbert Gives Eric Trump’s RNC Speech Biting Makeover

Stephen Colbert found the second night of the Republican National Convention much less eventful after the screaming antics of the first.

The evening in support of President Donald Trump’s reelection efforts included first lady Melania Trump, a video from Vice President Mike Pence and an appearance by Tiffany Trump, one of the president’s two daughters. But the “Late Show” host saved his most biting comments for Eric Trump, one of the president’s sons, who the New York State attorney general’s office is seeking for a deposition in an investigation into allegations of bank and loan fraud related to the Trump Organization. 

Eric Trump is reportedly invoking his Fifth Amendment rights to refuse the interview. 

Colbert said the president has taken a dim view of those who plead the Fifth. 

“The mob takes the Fifth,” Trump said in 2016. “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” 

At the time, Trump was referring to those close to his then-rival Hillary Clinton, and references to the former secretary of state often led to “Lock her up” chants at his rallies.

Colbert then broke out his not-very-flattering impression of Eric Trump.

“Oh no, I’m just like Hillary Clinton,” Colbert said. “Lock me up! Lock me up!”

See the rest of his monologue below: 

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