Lilly Singh Says ‘Female Fashion Is Trash’ On Her New Talk Show

Lilly Singh gave the fashion industry a dressing-down on “A Little Late” Tuesday.

The NBC talk show newcomer began by declaring that “female fashion is trash” and then explained herself.

“I’m not saying female fashion looks bad, obviously,” she said, brushing the arm of her jacket. “I’m saying female fashion makes living life as a normal human being a struggle and a half!”

“Everything is designed to cut off your circulation ― your shoes, your bra, your Spanx, your Spanx that you put on over your other Spanx,” she said. “It’s all meant to take your life away!”

Singh later riffed on her pursuit of “zaddy status,” the dilemma of rompers and why pantyhose are like condoms.

Watch her monologue slip into something more hilarious above.

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