‘LeBarn James’ Goes Viral For His Farm-tastic Basketball Contraption

“LeBarn James,” aka Will Hartzell, has produced a crop of enjoyable movies from his Mississippi farm through the coronavirus pandemic. However he might have outdone himself by constructing his personal rebounding machine. (Watch the clip beneath.)

The video of his catapult-like contraption acquired picked up by ESPN on Sunday and off it went. 

Don’t let the suspenders and boots idiot you. LeBarn James has abilities.

LeBarn, er Hartzell, advised Additional time within the bio video beneath that he acquired annoyed by shedding entry to basketball hoops when the pandemic hit, so he constructed his personal on the farm and even rigged one to a tractor.

His ingenuity and trick photographs with hay bales and such have made him a TikTok star, with 839,000 followers. He’s additionally a favourite of ESPN.

That’s one participant who can all the time have a subject day.

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