James Corden Recaps The Cringiest Moments From The RNC

Will the real Donald John President please stand up?

Considering the somewhat lackluster TV ratings, there’s a good chance you might’ve missed some of the nonstop action during this week’s Republican National Convention. But no worries, patriot.

The good news: On Tuesday’s “The Late Late Show,” host James Corden put together a recap of the RNC’s first night. The bad news: It’s more like a supercut of cringey moments.

For instance, there was Bob Paduchik, a former RNC co-chair and current senior adviser on Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, who momentarily seemed to forget his boss’s name, casting Ohio’s votes for the one and only … Donald John President. 

In Paduchik’s defense, that’s a great name if you’re playing Mad Libs. It just doesn’t work as well at the RNC.

“I can actually see Trump going, ‘I like it. I’m gonna change my name to Donald President. Then I’ll be president forever,’” Corden joked.

There was also an “intense” speech, as Corden called it, from Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, which even inspired a new online challenge. 

See it in the video below. As Guilfoyle might say, the best is yet to come!  

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