James Corden Calls Out Incredibly Awkward Eric Trump Moment

Uh, Eric. You good, dude?

The Late Late Show” continued recapping this week’s Republican National Convention on Wednesday, and host James Corden couldn’t help but notice something seems to be going on with Eric Trump.

During his RNC speech on Tuesday, Eric took some time to speak “directly” to his father Donald Trump, saying, “I miss working alongside you every single day,” and repeatedly expressing how proud he is of his dad.

“Doesn’t that sound suspiciously like the words of someone who’s had his phone number blocked?” Corden joked. ”‘I’d like to talk directly to my father.’ Well, tell him then. … Do we need to be part of this?”

“The Late Late Show” host compared the awkward moment to telling someone you love them and then getting this reply: “I know. Thank you.”

(Hey, we’ve all been there, Eric.)

Elsewhere at the RNC, Tiffany Trump, who Corden was surprised was even a speaker, said that as a recent graduate of Georgetown University Law Center she could relate to people looking for a job.

Corden didn’t quite agree.

“What are you talking about? Your dad owns a gold toilet,” Corden said.

Check out all the awkward moments in the segment below:

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