In Pandemic, More Are Paying for Direct Access to Their Doctors

This summer, she added a pop-up office in Southampton, N.Y., to serve clients who had fled the city. Taking over an empty office building, she set about recreating the soothing feel of her Midtown office.

She charges a $12,000 annual concierge fee, which is separate from the cost of treatments her practice provides. Some treatments may be covered by insurance, but others may not, like intravenous drips to strengthen immunity, which start at $500, and hormone replacement, which run $100 to $200 a treatment. Dr. Schwartz formulated an antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting IV for patients during the pandemic.

Alana Dillon, a mother of four who splits her time between Manhattan and the Hamptons, went to Dr. Schwartz’s pop-up for her regular immunity-boosting infusions.

“They came out to my car and got me,” she said. “It was very streamlined. It still had the luxury component that you feel at the Fifth Avenue office. It still felt very private and relaxing.”

Ms. Dillon said she would rely on tailored services, like IVs that support the immune system, even more to keep her body healthy during the pandemic. “What can we do to make our bodies more healthy to fight this virus? Right now, it’s the focus of the practice,” she said.

Yet for those who don’t summer in the Hamptons or feel inclined to make the trip into Manhattan, Dr. Schwartz can send her medical professionals to them. Jeff Villa, a private-equity executive who lives in Brooklyn, used to enjoy traveling to her office, but that has become unattractive in the pandemic, he said. Instead, he has received preventive care, including an antibody test, in his home, a personal service that he said he would continue to rely on even after the pandemic.

“It just saves me so much time,” Mr. Villa said.

These high-end house calls do not come cheap. Dr. Marie V. Hayag, a dermatologist and the founder of Fifth Avenue Aesthetics, said she had done more than a half-dozen visits, four by helicopter, to homes in the Hamptons. Her fee is a minimum of $5,000 a visit with transportation included.

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