Grimes’ New ‘Alien Scars’ Tattoo Turns into A Hilarious Inkblot Check For Twitter

Grimes’ new extraterrestrial tattoo appears to be like fairly earthbound to many on Twitter.

The “Oblivion” singer and girlfriend of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk debuted a full again tattoo finished in white ink on Instagram Sunday.

“Don’t have a very good pic cuz it hurts an excessive amount of and I must sleep haha,” Grimes captioned a photograph of her new piece. “And it’ll be pink for a couple of wks , however gna be stunning alien scars.”

However not everybody was over the moon in regards to the musician’s “alien scars.” Many considered the ink as visible nonsense, and treating it as if it have been an inkblot take a look at, expressed what the tattoo seemed wish to them.

Whatever the various opinions on Grimes’ new piece, right here’s simply hoping the design wasn’t impressed by a DayQuil fever dream

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