Comic Jim Gaffigan Lights Up Twitter With Some Tough Talk For Trump Loyalists

Comic Jim Gaffigan launched into a different kind of routine on Thursday evening, using his Twitter account to not only criticize President Donald Trump, but to also call out those who still support him. 

As Trump neared the end of his marathon acceptance speech during the Republican National Convention at the White House, Gaffigan was just getting warmed up:

Then, for a little more than an hour, Gaffigan tore into the president and his loyalists, starting with this one:

Early on, Gaffigan responded to the inevitable “stick to comedy” types as well as those hoping to “cancel” him for sharing his views:

Gaffigan, who is known for having a largely clean act, dropped a few F-bombs into his takedown and a few more in his replies to angry supporters of the president. One was aimed at former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz, who attacked Biden over his faith in an RNC speech this week, calling the former vice president “Catholic in name only” because he supports a woman’s right to choose.

Gaffigan, a Catholic himself, fired back:  

“No need to curse, tho,” replied his wife Jeannie Gaffigan, who also serves as his co-writer and producer. 

“Okay fine,” Gaffigan wrote back.

He wrapped up with a volley of tweets, including these: 

The tweetstorm caused his name to trend on Twitter as people took notice:  

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