Christian Bale Gave Robert Pattinson Hilarious ‘Batman’ Advice

Always make sure the Batcave has an exit.

The first footage of director Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” premiered on Saturday at DC FanDome, finally showing Robert Pattinson’s new Batman in action. Ahead of the footage, Reeves even revealed some details about the production, including interesting advice Pattinson got from the former Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale.

After talking about the input Pattinson gave to his new Batsuit, Reeves explained, “Rob actually talked to Christian Bale, and Christian Bale was like, ‘Just make sure you’re gonna be able to relieve yourself,’ so all of that sort of was actually part of what was important to build in too.”

The advice is apparently pretty important to Bale. He told Ben Affleck the same thing when he took on the role. 

At a San Diego Comic-Con panel for “Batman v Superman” in 2015, Affleck told a story about running into Bale, asking for tips and being told, “Make sure you can piss in that suit.”

But for Bale, it’s not just potty humor.

The actor supposedly opened up to Access Hollywood about his advice to Affleck during a press junket for “Out of the Furnace,” revealing exactly why it’s essential to get a suit with easy bathroom access. 

“It’s a little bit humiliating when you have to have somebody help you out of the costume in order to do that,” Bale reportedly said.

The advice likely left both Affleck and Pattinson very relieved. 

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