Catalonia protesters: ‘It feels like we’re all being tried’

There are fears of fresh unrest in Catalonia, as it awaits the verdicts of the trials of 12 separatist leaders.

They face charges including rebellion and sedition over their involvement in organising the 2017 independence referendum, which the Spanish authorities declared illegal.

There were violent clashes between police and protesters two years ago, as the region tried to break away from Spain.

Catalonia’s president has said that people will take to the streets if the prisoners are found guilty, and will “vote again” on independence.

Jean Mackenzie, Europe Correspondent for BBC Scotland’s The Nine, has been to Catalonia, where those on both sides say the trial has left them feeling victimised.

Reporter: Jean Mackenzie

Filmed/edited by: Andy Smythe

Producer: Sara Monetta

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