Anne Hathaway’s Next Movie Is A COVID-19 Rom-Com Because Of Course It Is

Anne Hathaway returning to her rom-com roots should inspire a welcome, albeit brief, balm to fans in these uncertain times … unless of course said rom-com is about the global pandemic. 

A decade after her last foray into the genre, the Oscar winner is in final talks to star in “Lockdown” from director Doug Liman, according to multiple outlets. From its description, the film seems in direct opposition to the escapist thrills of, say, the infinitely rewatchable “Devil Wears Prada” ― yes, a rom-com can be about falling in love with yourself ― but we’re keeping an open mind. 

Set very much in the still-unfolding nightmare of coronavirus, the film, which is written by “Peaky Blinders” creator Steven Knight, is said to be a “heist movie and romantic comedy taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic” with Hathaway at the center. 

Now, as to what she’ll presumably be stealing (toilet paper? a vaccine? someone’s Disney+ password?) only time will tell, but a Deadline report indicates that Cillian Murphy was approached to star in the film as well. 

“Lockdown” will reportedly be shooting in September as the pandemic rages on, so here’s hoping it will all be over when the film hits theaters.

Despite Hollywood’s repeated attempts, the appetite for watching our current reality reflected on screen is understandably low, but Hathaway is a rom-com pro and proved she’s more than capable of pulling off a heist film after 2018’s “Ocean’s 8.”

Since then, she’s starred in a trio of underperforming films (“Serenity,” “Dark Waters” and “The Last Thing He Wanted”), but has a big-budget crowd-pleaser on the way in the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s “The Witches.”

But who knows? If “Lockdown” is a hit, Hathaway might start prepping some *gulp* virtual awards acceptance speeches.

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